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The artist is present to change a bulb

01 June, 2010

Both equally well known and well ignored, Maraina Abramović's performance art installation closed May 31st after three months of eye starring boredom. Abramovic sat for over 700 hours starring into the eyes of anyone willing to do the same for her exhibition entitled "The Artist is Present" at MoMA.

Say what you will about her or her art form, but there is a palpable lack of performance art in the world today. Therefore I will humbly try to fill the immediate void and try to ween us off marathon performance. I will be conducting my own version of a social-media-performance-art for a 24 hours on June 2nd. My venue will be twitter and facebook--the new piazza's of the digital world. You can follow me at @topherjaynes, but I have linked twitter and facebook so if you're friends on one you should be fine.

The bit: for 24 hours I will be be posting/tweeting every half hour one "how many performance artists does it take to change a light bulb" that I have written , starting at midnight tonight.


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