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09 May, 2010

All right, I got lazy over the past two weeks, but we've had guests, and more are on their way. I feel like for the next few weeks I will be posting a lot of pictures since we'll be out enjoying the city more. It is nice to finally have good weather, though the high is in the low 60s today. Brooklyn is green and lush with life so its time to get out of the apartment. As an appetizer here is a picture from lunch at Buchon Barkery with Russell and Renee.

(This was Russell's)

I rented a 50mm 1.4 lens from Adorama for the weekend and experimented with it. Good for portraits and food shots, but I don't like the zoomed in feel. I like wide angles. New York is too big to try and squeeze into a tight frame. Wide angles for all!


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