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Pixar's harbinger of the iPad?

21 April, 2010

Hmm, back to back iPad posts. I need to find new material. . . or write more often.

Anyways, I was watching The Incredibles Monday night, and this scene had new meaning since the last time I saw it

It's the iPad!

What? The film came out in 2004 you say?

True, but you have to remember Steve Jobs bought the Pixar division from ILM and spun it off into the Studio we now know and love. Also, he currently sits on the Board of the Directors of Walt Disney Studios. I really wonder if this was a sulbiminal product integration strategy.  Basically planting the seed so seven years later all those people that saw the movie would vageuly remember that superhereoes used tablets to communicate. If it was good enough for superheroes  it has to be good enough for me. I'll buy six! I bet I can fly! No wonder Apple's profits this quarter have shot up!

"iPad, for when you want to lure superheros to a secret island."


Anonymous DBrown said...

What an awesome find! I guess I could have found it too, if all I had to do was watch movies all day.


21 April, 2010 11:23  

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