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Push all content to Netflix, please

24 March, 2010

There are three reasons I go to, or use to go to, Hulu.com: The Daily Show, SNL, and Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Fortunately, all most recent episodes of SNL are available, but early last year Hulu was only able to stream 5 Always Sunny at any given time, instead of having access to all three seasons. Then a few weeks ago Viacom decided to pull The Daily Show and The Colbert Report from Hulu entirely.

It's painful to have to go to the Comedy Central webpage to watch the shows, but it was smart on Viacom's part to yank the content from Hulu in order to build their site's community. I had no reason to go to the site before it was the sole source (other than TV, which I don't have) to watch my favorite programs, but I frequent it on a daily basis now.

I've always had my computer hooked up to my TV so I can watch shows from Hulu or Netflix's OnDemand, but the computer is now mainly collecting dust. For Christmas I got a BluRay player that connects to Netflix via my, now, 15 Mbs internet connection-- life changing. The player takes seconds to boot up, unlike the computer, it is basically on all the time.

I've watched more movies and TV shows then ever before, which is saying a lot. I like to have noise in the back ground while I do work. The Office and 30 Rock, which I have seen numerous times, are perfect. I don't have to pay attention to the shows, but I have the reassuring voice of Steve Carell and Alec Baldwin as if they were in the room. I use to play The Simpsons in the background during high school.

I think it is smart for TV shows to push their content to Netflix for several reasons:
1) Don't have to maintain your own site.
2) If I buy the DVD that is one time investment
3) Kick backs for every episode watched, and don't have to rely on Advertsing
4) It is more convenient for me.

I like having a one stop shop for my viewing needs, and if I have to go to each website I won't bother. (Reason Google Reader is great) It's great to actually watch TV shows and movies on an actually TV, and not a 15 inch screen.

I give these companies a few months before they start demanding more money from Netflix. I am fairly comfortable with the price I am paying per month now, and am not willing to go higher, like I am sure most people are. Till then, soak up the media!


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