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22 February, 2010

I succumbed to the holiday pudge. I started 2010 about ten pounds heavier than I was pre-thanksgiving 2009. This is not a trend I want to continue. Traveling and cornucopias of food definitely added to the waste line, but the biggest factor was my lack of exercise going into the holiday break. I treated the break as a "recovery" from the long semester. The fall semester was crazy: two month long interview process, phd applications, traveling, conferences, oh and classes.

I have a little more free time now, still busy, but I'm not reading hundreds of pages a week and have a better idea of what my daily schedule will be. I started back running the third week of Jan, very lackadaisically, on a treadmill at the NYU gym, since the weather feels like the Planet Hoth, a few weeks ago. The miles came back easier than I imagined. I quickly realized that I need a goal so I don't just run sporadically. Some of Carla's co-workers are runners and had been talking about running the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May.

I was hesitant, but since the starting point is two blocks from our front door I really have no excuse not to. Officially, I signed up today, and I think we are going to try and get my brother up here to run. He'll more than likely be keeping a sub 7 min pace (closer to 6), while I'll be pushing for 9 min miles.

I did a long run(10k) on saturday and felt good afterwards. Time to rachet up! If you want to join me shoot me an email and sign up here registration/info


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