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South Carolina

27 January, 2010

The Daily Show nailed it earlier this week with its thank you tribute to the shinanigans coming out of South Carolina.

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Thank You, South Carolina - Andre Bauer

I do happen to enjoy SC, but there are people and things that make it hard to admit that SC is my home. My new goal in life is to restore SC to its greatness, whenever that might have taken place. I know, there is a long history to overcome. I mean we fired the opening shots of the Civil War! Ugh. Don't even get me started on education.

Anyways, first on my list of things that are great about SC is drop down menus online. Ever filled out your state in an online box? Simply hit S on your keyboard and you're there. I realize this is true for some other states, but S is also one of the home keys. . . if you are using proper typing form.

You gotta start small. This is the first thing I have notice, without giving much thought to it, but rest assured there is more insights to come.


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