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Welcoming the coming decade

10 January, 2010

Not only is it a new year, but, more menacingly, a new decade. I tend to love and hate the month of January because, at least for me, it gives you time to envision a better version of yourself while simultaneously confronting the parts you are not so fond of. The passing of time make you confront your past self with the questions "what would I have done differently?" Many things apparently.

This year has been a little different for me, causing alot of pondering. Not only has a year passed, but a whole decade. 10 years! I've had two whole decades to do something and what is it?

With the past decade I was a Freshmen in high school with no drivers lisence. Now I am married an living in NY. It doesn't seem that long ago but I have done many things to be proud of and many things to regre. This year Carla and I actually made a list together of how we want to act in the 10's. I'll be sharing some of them along the way, but the first is: 1) smile at someone you don't know every day.

I have enjoyed this one very much, and makes my day more than I think it makes other people's day.


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