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28 October, 2009

Digital books, or not real to some, are talked about a lot with the proliferation, well supposed abundance, of ereaders, but like many people bemoan, print will never really die. As much as I like convenience of having all my literature with me there is something even more satisfying with a well organized bookshelf. It just screams look at me I can read, and well. Arguing with a guest at a dinner party? Make sure it is in front of your bookshelf so your knowledge can physically intimidate him, unless you don't have a full bookshelf, in which case you should keep your mouth shut.

With the Kindle I have purchase a few books, but as previous posts state I have a lot of pdfs from school and novels from manybooks.net. So amazon has made a little more money off me, but most of my content is derived from elsewhere.

They are really missing a great product collaboration. I would like to see an option when you buy a hardback a digital copy is bundled with it. The Times and WSJ have been commenting on how digital copies are already being pirated. Did you really gave to investigate that? Well yea, but, and you can argue with me on this, I really think that it is a form of sharing. I'm forever loaning my books to people, which is why I tend to still purchase physical copies. Sharing digital copies hasn't really been embraced with any meaningful effort.

Amazon, I still want to buy the physical copy, but want access on my Kindle too. And no, I will not purchase each. Is that too much to ask?

Ebooks are not like CDs because you can't rip a book. (Well you can, and I have, but it is time consuming. Well, no that isn't true either. 20 mins tops, but you have to cut the spine) Why can't I just purchase a Hardback at full price and get the digital copy for free? DVDs have half heartedly embraced this business model. Disney has included a digital copy with a purchase of a slightly more expensive DVD set. Or purchase a paperback with a two dollar price hike that covers the digital copy? Of course digital copies will still make it on to the nets, but this way you keep print relevant and profitable.


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