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Opening the floodgates

15 October, 2009

Since "Subway Squeeze" and the gaming class I have been feeling really creative, or maybe I am just tired of reading hundreds of pages of books on other books. Anyways, I busted out the ole charcoal and sketching pencils. While it probably won't amount to more than doodling I've started sketching again, but I have my eye on some digital projects and, maybe, even some installations pieces. (MFA anyone?)

I am going to start post more than just movies, so this blog could get kind of random, but I'd rather use this as an outlet than Facebook or Twitter. I am interested in search engine art. If you use Google, or one of the other search engines out there (I hear there are some. . .) you will notice that it tries to predict what you will type in based on what text is already entered. It does this based on an algorithm that has many factors, one being popularity of the search. So if you type in "I wish," Google will try and predict what you will wish for, which is where the fun comes in.


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