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Montage? You mean collage, right?

15 September, 2008

(PS- there is some slight nudity, but its artistic and therefore doesn't count)

Don't really pay attention to the first part because it is merely setting up the clips that are about to be played. Montage is a type of editing technique. If you are a Soviet you subscribe to the theory that images collide and create meaning and so forth. Basically you are bombarded with a ton of images that are meant to convey something.

The images in this sequence start out easily enough. You know your home, mother, father... oh wait me? Um, how do you define that? Towards the middle of the sequence the speed of the cuts and the lack of order creates a loss of meaning, sort of. The images force you to think quickly of the relationships of what you just saw, but suddenly we are being confronted with the ambiguity that images have. There is the image of father, the paternal, but there is the image of father the abuser. And image of an America Flag on the First Limo cuts to an image of an American Flag at a KKK rally. Images can have all sorts of meaning, which is why the juxtaposition and speed in the center reveal Truth. Not from what the director has to say, but reaveals what the viewers is thinking or feeling. There is no right or wrong answer, just what you are.


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