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It's coming back

12 April, 2010

I was thinking over the weekend how do you carry the iPad around?

I mean the iPhone makes sense because you can fit it in your pocket, taking it with you without much fuss. My Kindle is about the same size as an iPad, but since I only use it for reading I normally keep it in my school bag. It seems kind of annoying to have to open a bag, take out a case, and then open the case just because I want to play flight control for a few minutes.

Then it hit me, like a bad after taste, Jncos! Yes, remember the grungy kid from middle/high school with the really baggy jeans and the huge pockets! You might have made fun of them, but this prescient outsider was just too ahead of their time. The knew one day that their pockets would be needed to ferry cutting edge technology, but they just didn't get the timing down.

 Dig them out of the closet if you got 'em, then order an iPad, then pull out an old yearbook, then visit all those kids that made fun out you and show them the jeans were a good decision.

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Anonymous Michael Anderson said...

well played mr. jaynes, well played

12 April, 2010 11:25  

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