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Brooklyn Half Marathon

27 May, 2010

The Results are up on the NYRR website.

As you can see Zac destroyed me, but he's run several more half marathons than me, though he is 9 years younger than me. I also like that if you look at his overall place, and his place with in just males it appears that only 3 women ran faster than him whereas I had 900 run faster than me. That won't do.

Here is Zac's trophy

Though he had trouble getting up from the subway. . .

And, I like this picture just becuase it is literally a trashcan full of gatorade.

And then you can admire my very nice legs in this picture. Mmm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should caption that last picture "Passing on the left".

28 May, 2010 11:24  

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