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Tandem Biking post

08 September, 2010

Jason Kottke's blog directed me to this Reuters' article about biking in NYC:


Lot of similarities with my previous post. The main problem is the strange interaction between Cyclist and Pedestrians--neither know how to behave. Felix Salmon, the author of the article, writes, "pedestrians feel as though they have few responsibilities to others." Very true, but as he goes to point out, cyclist are even less beholden because, like I said, if you are just starting to ride again you don't know how to act. I was actually in a work sponsored bike training class (we can check out bikes from work) and the instructor made it very plain. Cyclist should act like a car. This would solve a lot of the conflicts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Tandom" -- I envision a dominatrix standing over some poor schmuck and dousing him with spray tan.

08 September, 2010 16:35  

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