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Summer Streets Run

21 August, 2010

Summer Streets is a program that shuts down stretches of Park Ave to traffic a couple of weekends in the summer. Pretty much from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park. When we went our first year here I was stunned at the amount of people that turned out. It's like people suddenly have a front yard to go play in , and boy do they take advantage of it. Everyone is enjoying being out doors and having freedom to move about outside their 600 sqft apt.

This year Summer Streets features dumpster swimming pools, and they are exactly what their name implies. Also adds a whole new dimension to dumpster diving. If you don't partake in the swimming or the biking it's a great walk because you can walk through mid town and stop and stare at all the gorgeous buildings. It's a particularly nice approach to Grand Central and the Met Life building because your walking towards them straight on then walk either under or around them.

Carla and I are going on a run today to enjoy the fantastic weather and the car free zone. It will actually be my first run in Central Park, which I am very, very excited about. To think me and Nate Archibald will have run in the same park. . .

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