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Rise and, well just rise

18 September, 2011

I use to be a morning guy.

All through under grad I was up before 7, even on weekends. All with out the aid of coffee. I actually didn't start drinking coffee until my junior year. Humming along fine as a cheery morning person, but then I lived the life of a bitter and grumpy grad student. NYU didn't offer any classes before noon and I rarely had to work before those times. Lets just say I lapsed into "sleeping in"--even with a wife who woke up early to go to her job. Then I became the worst creature of all, a snoozer. Things have compounded further by having half the commute to work now so lets just say my snoozing has pushed dangerously close to 8am.

My new goal is to get back in to waking up early. Obviously I've tried, but rarely have the will power to actually not hit snooze. There is many things I want to do before work so I've resolved to wake up earlier again.

I'd like to start with out of bed by 6am regularly before Oct--sans hitting the snooze button. After that I'll re-evaulate and see if we want to push earlier into the 5am hours.

How am I going to stay accountable? Twitter. It's worked for people losing weight and starting revolutions so hopefully it can help me get my lazy bum out of bed. So if you're reading this you're either subscribed to my RSS (sorry for not updating lately) or you saw the link on twitter. So what I am going to do is tweet a good morning message or pic or link if you think I am just setting up tweets to delivery, which Carla already accused me of.

So please if you don't see something by 6:10 am call me on it! Feel free to call me lazy, make up outlandish stories about me, or if you are up that early call me!

quote —— unqute

10 September, 2011

In pioneer days they used oxen for heavy pulling, and when one ox couldn’t budge a log, they didn’t try to grow a larger ox. We shouldn’t be trying for bigger computers, but for more systems of computers.
—Grace Hopper