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Charity Half-Marathon (Please Donate!)

26 January, 2012

Hey everyone! I am running the NYC Half Marathon for a non-profit called Camp Interactive. At first I was just going to run it because I needed some motivation to get back in a running schedule after finally getting over a training injury in early 2011. BUT then I realized this is an awesome cause!

Camp interactive does two things that are near and dear to my heart. First they teach kids how to use technology creatively and also gets them out doors. As a computer science grad with a MA in film I love the programs that they are teaching kids. Video editing, web dev, and all around geekiness! Then getting them out doors as well speaks to my growing up in Boy Scouts. I can't think of a better program to be running for. I can't think of two better ways to give underprivileged kids in NYC a literal way to get out of their environment and way to get out in the future with tangible skills

Please help me by donating for the run. I'm going to sweeten the deal a bit by treating this like kickstarter to get to my goal of $1500:

If you donate $1 or more I'll send you a thank you tweet during the race.

If you donate $25 or more I'll buy you a beer or find a way to get a beer to you

If you donate $50 or more I'll send you a batch of cookies. I am insanely good at baking. State fair winner

If you donate $75 or more I'll send you a nice photo of a NYC location of your choice. 9/11 photos Others (requires flash). Just let me know or my choice

If you donate more than a $125 or more, besides being a rock star, I'll figure out some way to thank you. dinner, a stay at Casa de Jaynes if you're an out of towner, house chores? We'll work something out. Just leave your name in the donation or drop me an email.

Video about CI

And you can follow my training schedule here on google docs



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