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13 March, 2011

Interesting article in today's NYTimes ( A Changed Starbucks. A Changed C.E.O.) about Starbucks continual struggle to survive after the most recent financial meltdown.

As much of a coffee and tea snob as I am, I really don't mind Starbuck's coffee. It's the first coffee I remember actually having and it suits my caffeine need when I am still bleary eyed and walking from 8th ave to 11th ave.

I will acknowledge that they have a lot of room to improve and they should. For instance I think they should adopt Chick-fil-a's community strategy. Every Chick-fil-a store is such an integral part of the community that it's in, why can't a coffee shop be the same thing? It's a way to make the store feel like a part of the community and not an unstoppable force of growth for growth's sake. With 11,131 stores domestically it's hard not to compare it to McDonald's, which has 13, 918 stores in the US.

Why not make Starbuck's shops even more of a Third Place? This would be difficult in a large city, but it would help to take away the corporate feel of every shop, much like Chick-fil-a feels like an independent chain.

Carla had the great idea that the store should also roast bean's in the store. I would whole heartily suppor this and been in line every day for this. It's like Think Coffee around NYU. You can get your quick to go cup, or sit and enjoy a higher quality single origin coffee made by the cup.

Now to just get rid of all those laptops like Cafe Grumpy....


Blogger Jarhead said...

Well put.

Starbucks has an opportunity to be a vocal member of the community. Personally, I'd love to see them take more of a "local coffee shop" feel. Then people might not shun them as quite as "corporate".

Starbucks should have live concerts from local (keyword) singer/song wriers. Also, maybe sell art from local artists. Something to keep it feeling local.

14 March, 2011 10:32  
Blogger Topher said...

Oh nice,music would be a great way to get involved. Open mic nights in general would be a good idea. Comedy and Coffee, anyone? If Starbucks won't undertake this themselves maybe there is an an opportunity to be a third party provider for this. We'll book local talent and find local artist and rotate them for you...

14 March, 2011 14:30  

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