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A tale of two blogs

23 January, 2011

For those of my dozen or so consistent readers who only read this through RSS feeds, I've updated the layout of my blog. It's a lot cleaner and easier to read--I hope.

Here is what my blog use to look like on one of my favorite burger experiment posts:

I don't really know why I though the dots were charming. They use to be a lot brighter, but I dimmed them in photoshop last year.

Here is the same post in the new layout/aesthetic:

As you can see I went with a nice gray back ground and simple header. I used this color over at my website  www.christopherjaynes.com and on my twitter background to promote unity between the pages. Still deciding on a font, but the standart Helvetica will do for now. I also changed the title of the blog to look organized and planned in lieu of a header title.

Any feed back would be great.



I like it, looks nice!

26 January, 2011 13:59  

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