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Angel Oak

19 July, 2010

   Driving towards Kiawah Island, South Carolina down the two lane highway that stretches for ever, it is very easy to speed past the dirt road that branches off, leading to the Angel Oak. If you are fortunate enough to know where to make the turn or accidentally spy the tiny sign point towards the Angel oak, you travel down an oversized single lane dirt road, flanked on either side by arching trees. It’s a short trip down from the main road. If you listen carefully you can still hear the cars whizzing by, hurrying towards the white sand beaches.
    The chain linked fence, that protects the tree’s historical site from who know what, is closer to the road than you’d imagine. How easily could the highway have been built a hundreds yards over, causing the 1,500 year old tree to be chopped down because it was impeding progress?  Luckily the road didn’t, and the Angel Tree still stands, an east coast omage to the Red Woods of California, though South Carolina trees prefer to lazily grow out, instead of rigidly up.
    Our crew arrived early one morning so there wasn’t a crowd of people, leaving those who valued sleep back at the beach house. Only a few other earlier risers arrived and left while we spent time exploring the tree. It was a serene summer morning, and the light broke through the adjoining trees so there was a golden hue about. Because we mostly had the place to ourselves and the temperature was relatively mild, we lingered about exploring the tree, itching to climb it. There are signs warning that “climbing” is strictly prohibited. Though we didn’t want to, we obeyed the signs.
    If you have a few minutes on your way to the island or when you are leaving, make the turn down the dirt road so you can really appreciate the scale of the tree. The Angel Oak may only stand  95 feet tall, but its branches reach longer than a hot summer day.
    The only two things could have made the moment  better: a rocking chair and a tall glass of iced tea.


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