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Here are my thoughts about films, life, and what not. If you don't like them I'll give your money back.

Well, the summer of '08 was suppose to be my great catching up time with movies before I started a masters in Cinema Studies this fall, but getting married, working, and moving sort of got in the way. I could watch a movie here and there, but it was sporadic, at best. When I did watch a movie, just to watch it, I sort of felt like cheating. Does a "film snob" really just watch movies? I knew that I needed to keep a film journal since I was no longer writing my column, which I tried to keep one, but if you don't show it to anyone there is no accountability. Just guilt.

So internet, get ready for my humble thoughts on the films I will be watching over the next few years (hopefully a longer time).

Some rules, more for my part.
Post have to be at least 100 words.
I can't go 4 days past a movie viewing with out posting.
Humph, cough. Yea I have a problem that needs to be worked on. Nothing like embarrassing yourself in front of other because you don't know the difference between to and too.


Blogger Andrew said...

you cheater, you're not in brooklyn yet

13 July, 2008 23:41  
Blogger Jonathan said...

I'm an English major and still had a problem with the difference between to and too. So, don't feel too (correct usage, btw) bad. I'm liking the blogs so far.

14 July, 2008 12:31  

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